Establishing a business is not an easy task, it takes focus and a willingness to do the required work to see results. This is why being passionate about what you do is important. It’s that drive within you that motivates you to keep going. With nearly 20 years working with clients as an accounting and finance professional I realized that many business owners are good at what they do, however several seem to lack business principles that lead to a profitable business.


      This became more apparent during the world economic crisis of 2008. During the recession I observed how many of my business clients reacted to the changes in the economy. I also had the opportunity to gain insight into the thinking behind some of their decisions. At the root of it was the misunderstanding about what makes a business work. I could no longer watch business owners fall into a cycle of unprofitability, trapped by debt, lack of knowledge and poor choices. In an effort to educate business owners, I started the Small Business Financial radio show on Austin’s Talk 1370 radio station, which led me to create educational resources for the Self-Employed.


      Having lectured for years on various business topics, including as faculty for Texas A&M University, Concordia University, and currently as faculty with the University of Phoenix School of Business, I can tell you that there are some distinct differences in what is taught in a business degree program compared to what you need to know right now as a self-employed individual to grow, maintain, and make your business profitable. Business can be hard, but if you know what to do, how to do it and apply what you have learned, you too can be a success.