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Transform your business with the right thinking!

Business Checklist

Improve your Cash Flow

Local Business Showcase




Every business needs to monitor cash in order to maintain a healthy business. In this lecture broadcast I share with you insights to help you  increase your collections and maintain your cash flow.

About this Podcast




In this lecture broadcast I share with you essential items you need to get your business off to a good start if you plan to start a business or you've just started your business.




In this educational broadcast, local business owners share about their businesses, challenges and offer advice.



About this Podcast

About this Podcast

Health Insurance for the


Who is a Small Business Owner?

Business Owners Get Answers




Many independent professionals often wonder if they should get established as a business. There is some confusion about who a small business owner might be. In this lecture I offer some clarification for this question.

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Access to Health Insurance has been a challenge for many self-employed individuals. In this lecture broadcast I share with you some health insurance options that might be a viable choice to explore.

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In this lecture broadcast I  answer questions of concern common to business owners who have been in business for a few years.


About this Podcast

To enjoy the complete learning experience about  the "How tos"  of a profitable Business, visit my resource page. There you will find a variety of resources that I have put together to give you the knowledge to operate your business with confidence.  CLICK HERE