LIB Comprehensive Pack

Operating Budget

LIB Comprehensive Pack – 22 Spreadsheets $59

18 Significant Business Spreadsheet Templates Ready for Use, Plus 4 Free Bonus easy-to-use Home and Business essential templates.
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Having worked several years with small business owners who are self-employed, one of the biggest problem is staying organized, and knowing where the business is financially in a moment’s notice.  
Keeping up with your business finances is critical to having a profitable business. These Accounting templates are easy and ready for use, requires minimal excel and accounting experience, and can be customized to your liking.  
These carefully designed business templates were made specially with the independent business owner in mind.  As a growing business owner, you can look forward to managing your operations with ease and confidence, saving time, while being in control of your business finances. These spreadsheets are an excellent tool that can be used continuously as long as needed for years to come.
~ Save it on your desktop for easy access
~ Easily e-mail it to your Accountant for Tax preparation
~ Stay in control of your business finances
~ Use it to help make important business decisions
~ Balance your personal and business finances with ease
~ Instantly access business financial information
 *Due to the nature of electronic downloads, all sales are final and there are no refunds. 
What’s Included ?
4 Bookkeeping Templates
  • Comprehensive Revenue Tracking Template
  • Comprehensive Expense Tracking Template
  • Sales Tax Template (Single and Multi-State)
  • Income and Expense Summary Review
 8 Financial  Statements and Supporting Schedules Spreadsheets
  • Profit and Loss Sheet with Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Template
  • Cost of Goods Sold Calculation Template
  • Cash Flow Template
  • Business Performance Analysis
  • Business Assets Tracking Schedule Template
  • Current Business Assets Schedule Template
  • Simple Depreciation Calculation
 6 Financial  Planning and Evaluation Spreadsheets
  • 5 Year Income Projection
  • Operating Budget
  • Cash Budget
  • Marketing Budget
  • Profit Determination (Services)
  • Profit Determination (Product Sales)
  4  FREE Bonus Spreadsheets
  • Home Office Expense Tracking and Calculation
  • Household Budget
  • Personal Savings Evaluation
  • Personal Financial Statement