Accounting Spreadsheets

for the Self-Employed

DIY Bookkeeping Made Easy! The affordable business tool that makes staying organized, keeping up with your finances, and planning profit easy and manageable.

22 Accounting spreadsheet templates ready for use with instructions

4 Bookkeeping Templates


  1. Monthly Revenue Tracking
  2. Monthly Expense Tracking
  3. Sales Tax Template (Single State)
  4. Income and Expense Summary Review

5 Financial  Planning and Evaluation Spreadsheets


  1. Profit and Loss Sheet with Analysis
  2. 5 Year Income Projection
  3. Operating Budget
  4. Marketing Budget
  5. Household Budget

4 Bookkeeping Templates


  1. Comprehensive Revenue Tracking Template
  2. Comprehensive Expense Tracking Template
  3. Sales Tax Template (Single and Multi-State)
  4. Income and Expense Summary Review

8 Financial  Statements and Supporting Schedules Spreadsheets


  1. Profit and Loss Sheet with Analysis
  2. Balance Sheet Template
  3. Cost of Goods Sold Calculation Template
  4. Cash Flow Template
  5. Business Performance Analysis
  6. Business Assets Tracking Schedule Template
  7. Current Business Assets Schedule Template
  8. Simple Depreciation Calculation

6 Financial  Planning and Evaluation Spreadsheets


  1. 5 Year Income Projection
  2. Operating Budget
  3. Cash Budget
  4. Marketing Budget
  5. Profit Determination (Services)
  6. Profit Determination (Product Sales)

The LIB Essential Pack – 9 Spreadsheets

9 Essential Accounting Spreadsheet Templates Ready for Use.

This Business Essentials

Say Goodbye to receipt bags, shoe boxes, and unanswered questions about where all the money went. No more excuses! Organize your books, plan your profits, and take control of your business finances in an affordable and effective way.


Keeping up with your business finances is critical to having a profitable business. These Accounting templates are easy and ready for use, requires minimal excel and accounting experience, and can be customized to your liking. These carefully designed business templates were made specially with the independent business owner in mind to help make profit planning and revenue growth tracking easier.


Spreadsheets are a highly effective planning tool, a success instrument used by Fortune 500 Companies and successful business owners to stay on track with revenue goals and profit targets.  Spreadsheets are also used by CPAs, Tax Accountants, and other Financial professionals around the world, now you can have your very own set!

























The LIB Comprehensive Pack – 22 Spreadsheets

18 Significant Accounting Spreadsheet Templates Ready for Use, Plus 4 Free Bonus easy-to-use Home and Business essential templates.

Bonus: Home Office Expense, Household Budget, Personal Savings Evaluation, & PFS



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As a growing business owner, you can look forward to managing your operations with ease and confidence. Save time, money, and be in control of your finances.

An excellent tool that can be used continuously as long as needed for years to come.

We all need spreadsheets to stay organized and keep an eye on our finances.

                                     Veronica M.

                                     Media Consultant

 Wow, What a great value! These are great for small business owners who aren't big enough to hire an accountant.

                           Shelley B.

                           Payroll Specialist

These spreadsheets made managing my business so much easier!  I can plan my monthly profit, track my expenses, and stay in control of my finances. The profit determination spreadsheet is my favorite.

                                      Tony C.


      Knowing your own Books is the foundation for Financial Success!